While taking off from Kiev by plane, Ukraine, I am sitting in row 28i. My right neighbor is Ani, a young woman who recently moved from Armenia to Milano in Italy. Harut (77 years) is sitting left to me. He is Armenia but born in Jerusalem. 

A random conversation starts, covering the following topics:

  • Living as an Armenien in Jerusalem, Israel
  • Soviet Union 
  • Facing legal discrimination 
  • How to find inner freedom 
  • Finding peace as a country 
  • Can one build peace on “injustice”
  • Problems linked to occupation of regions and countries 
  • Calling a place “home”
  • Armenien community in Germany
  • Unification of Armeniens who live abroad via religion and community building 
  • How to unify as Armeniens around the world 
  • How to integrate into a new culture without losing traditional roots 
  • Armenien history 
  • Need to survive as a nation 
  • Comparison to Italian way of living 
  • Living without having experienced war and dark conflicts 
  • War in Armenia in 2020 
  • Traumatization caused by war 
  • Genozide of the Armeniens in 1915 
  • Difference of hearing about the war and being in war 
  • What if there is war and no one is going?
  • Do we learn from the past?  

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