I have created six different types of art for you

Of course, I once thought that my art pieces would change the world.

Well, maybe not entirely (with a smile), but in their own way. Each piece is crafted with love, passion, and a touch of ‘Craziness for Life.’

They make for distinctive, personalized, and exquisite gifts for yourself or your loved ones.

For inquiries about other sizes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at info (@)

I wish you much joy with them, and if I may say so, keep on shining!

Yours sincerely, Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg


You’re in the mood for color and high spirits? Then choose one of my colorful friends to live with you!
Whether Leo, the clever crab or Ella, my proud Flamingo Lady – whichever roommate you choose, you’ll enjoy her wild, lively charisma, which immediately transforms the grey corners of your room into a fountain of happiness.

By the way: The animal pictures are especially beautiful in a simple frame, with passepartout and hanging together in a rectangle. Together they create an even more special composition for your home.


You like it when few strokes show character and statement? Then maybe one of my drawings is just right for you. The drawings allow you your personal interpretation and may remind you to let some poetry into your life every day. Maybe even to be a bit Crazy for Life, because the drawings shown here are also part of my book “Crazy for Life: In Love with Life”. Have fun with it!


In our fast-paced world, where demands constantly push us forward, moments of tranquility and depth become increasingly valuable. My handwritten prints stem from a simple yet profound idea: they demand time to be read, offering our minds the opportunity to savor them fully. Here, there is no room for haste.

Simultaneously, they make for ideal companions in your home, encouraging reflection on your inner state time and time again. Immerse yourself, engage consciously, and observe the profound impact they have on you—these are images crafted for continuous contemplation.

The genesis of my handwriting style is a personal journey. It began after a car accident that left me ‘mindless’ for nearly half a year. Each day was a process of relearning how to write, how to engage with others, and how to withstand electronic light and the daily noise levels. It’s a journey that has shaped these prints and their capacity for mindful connection.





Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg