Just me


★ The deep faith of the mass Hindu pilgrimage Kumbh Mela

★ The most amazing insects in the Gurung Mulu National Parc on Borneo

★The beauty to turn 18 years old at Marigot Bay, St. Lucia, with our sailing boat being fixed at a coconut tree 

★ The preparation of breakfast when it is still dark while staying with rice farmers on the Philippines 

★ The craziest party on earth at Burning Man

★ The immersion into the magic of beloved Bali

★ The up-lifting helicopter flight around the Cristo Redentor statue in Rio during sunset

★ The intense vibes of Jerusalem 

★ The fresh greenish of the Simien National Parc in Ethiopia

★ The regular eruptions of Stromboli while lying in bed during night 

★ The calm look of my first wild giraffe in Africa 

★ The sensual tango swing in Buenos Aires

★ The impressive encounter with a brown bear in Armenia  

★ The silent source of creativity in my tiny art studio on four wheels: Bluemoon van life


For those who need more:

I grew up in an environment where mothers wished their daughters were invisible. Within my family it’s preferred to silently endure and complain about the neighbors rather than change things.

I had a childhood where at the age of 9, I had already undergone four heavy surgeries, each lasting for hours. My insides were cut open, worked on, and stitched back together.

Almost 40 years later, friends call me an “energetic bundle,” enemies a “machine,” because I’ve obsessively drawn, written, worked, and collected academic titles and other qualifications.

All of that: liberation blows. It was my way of finding myself.

Sure, I’ve often driven those around me crazy with it. But what remained in every phase: I broke free from the conventions of my upbringing and am becoming more me from day to day. I could not have done it differently than I did.

I could also not have become the person I am without my creative expression. Already in early school, I eagerly wrote in my daily diary, kept my sketchbooks and pen with me all day, and now, as an adult, I have a part of my art studio in my self-converted van to keep it mobile.

I started to write and do art by simply doing it, forgiving myself when an art piece was not as I intended. My strong will to not give up helped me.

My idea is always to bring feminine energy to life through every brushstroke.


Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg