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Artist Picks September 2023​​

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Pinke Delphine (dt.)

Karl “Can you Show me your heart?” – It’s precisely this question that young anthropologist Paula must answer after a life-threatening spider bite in the Amazon. Weakened, she encounters the curious girl Aya in a distant jungle village, who quickly becomes a valuable friend. There, she also meets the tribal king and, eventually, a wise shaman. In just a few days, she realizes that deep connections with other people are the greatest adventures of all, and that these connections can only be born and nurtured with open hearts. And so, at the end of her time in the jungle village, Paula embarks on an entirely unexpected journey: a journey into her own self. With wonder, she explores a world beyond the geographical, pushing boundaries that her parents, friends, and society have drawn within her since birth.
Karl and Ada love each other. Karl, however, is married to Maya, with whom he has a little daughter, Lilly. Ada thinks she has her feelings under control, until one morning she senses a powerful force slumbering inside her. She longs for the carefree lightness of simply being again and is now even willing to push her own boundaries to attain it. “An emotional story about love. Wild as a thunderstorm, tender as a feather” Calvin Burke, actor and screenwriter

Crazy for life: Verliebt ins Leben (dt./engl.)

A book with forty stories, observations and many poems, drawings and prints about loving life, written for readers who are looking for a particularly inspiring and emotional soul mirror. The book does not point fingers, but rather stimulates with insight, wow experiences and impulses for independent further thinking, written for all readers who are at a turning point in their lives. While reading, I had the great feeling of seeing something very intense and personal to hold my hands – Anneliese Bunk, bestselling author These wonderful tales illuminate with sharp and open eyes our world full of blur – Silke Nowak, bestselling author


Are you ready to feel empowered and expand your idea of what is possible in life?

On the The Human Project: your podcast for authentic conversations with artists, millionaires, activists, CEOs, refugees, Tantra experts, founders and many other fascinating personalities. Together we will explore their insights into delving through the deeper layers of life. My guests will share their tools for increasing your appetite for risk, and moving away from the complacency of comfort. We will learn to view all life experiences as valuable opportunities for empowerment and inspiration.The journey starts right now.

The Human Project – the podcast

  1. This blog aims to offer you some insights to assist you in discovering your own personal truth. If you resonate with any of them, that’s wonderful. If not, feel free to set them aside. Fortunately, we all undergo growth and change. What supported me last year may not necessarily support me today, but it served its purpose at that time.
Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg

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