Mirja Vits, 45 years, is my guest for today’s show of “The Human Project”. She is living with her horses Lola and Harley, her dog Maria and her partner Max, on the same farm as Antonia and Marinus who you already learned to know from the interviews #16 and #17! Their beautiful farm is located close to  Aying and the Bavarian Alps – if you are near by, don’t miss the opportunity to make a stop, get fresh eggs and pet their animals. 

Todays conversation took place in the stall of Lola and Harley who are saying “hi” as well. We touch the following inspiring topics for you: 

  • Passion for horses
  • Flying horses
  • Passion and devotion
  • How to creative co-existence with and in nature
  • Relationships and community life on the countryside
  • Leading and following
  • Time and money
  • How to live with the tides of life and forces of nature 
  • Breath of the horse and its vibes 
  • Magic of non-verbal communication with humans and animals
  • Love and partnership
  • Mindfulness between animal and human
  • Concept from heart to heart “being in the space in between” 
  • Carrot and stick principle

Thank you for joining us for today’s episode of “The Human Project”! We are glad to have you with us on this exciting journey of exploring inspiring stories.

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