Devin Westerhoff is a successful Forex entrepreneur from the Netherlands. With just 20 years, he is leading a team, is daily taking crucial business decisions and is definitely full of business vibes. 

Key quotes from Devin: 

„Money isn’t everything, but everything needs money.“

„I cannot imagine a life without working.“

„I have started my first business at the age of 15 years, working is part of my life.”

„In a woman, I am not looking for a second me. But right now, I am not focusing on love.“

„I believe that in each person is an entrepreneur spirit. That flame just needs to be awaken. When taking responsibility for your own life, you can succeed better in life.“

With Devin, I discuss the following topics in todays session:

  • Forex exchange market and respective investments
  • Being an inspiration for your environment as a young entrepreneur 
  • How to become a founder and have your own company with the age of just 15 years
  • Responsibility of holding a business
  • Importance of financial and emotional support from parents
  • First money investment Devin received from his parents got lost; this process helped him learning, understanding the financial market
  • Contract with mom to stay home in the Netherlands until age of 25 years 
  • Appreciation of friends in life, no matter where you are living
  • Meaning of money and the opportunities it provides 
  • Dopamine, work and „doing nothing for an hour“
  • High level day business routine including sport, educational training and seeing friends 
  • Reading books about personal development 
  • Purpose in life, greediness and pleasure to share profit 
  • Responsibility that comes along with wealth
  • Each person is equal, money is not a mean of separation
  • Best approach for less privileged people in the world 
  • Self-responsibility as a key principle in life
  • Importance to have Plan B in life
  • Tax payments in the Netherlands
  • Boredom in life not possible as there is always something to learn in life
  • Unpopular opinion of Devin he feels like sharing in public 
  • Danger of getting too satisfied in life
  • Vision of God
  • Importance of „just going“ 

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