„I am for sure stronger than some guys and can defeat some men despite I am a girl!“

„Girls can be stronger than men and take them to the floor. We so often get underestimated!“

It was during a Muay Thai class where Liv caught my attention with her physical power and strength. I was impressed by how strong she kicked and boxed – all coming from a young, feminine body! 

Tattoos on her body speaks a lot about her personality: “Think less, live more” and “Go with the flow”. Liv radiates confidence, strength, a sense of ease, and living life to the fullest well beyond her age.

Doing sports is Liv’s way to feel empowered and energized throughout the day. This inspiration comes from her parents, who pursue their passions in sports. Liv’s dad was competing in the 1994 Olympics, while her mom is a gymnast and a dancer. 

Raised in an active family, her parents taught her to go over her physical limits, to be strong, independent, and open to try new things. Being brought up in a chill and supportive environment in Switzerland that let her do what she wanted has made Liv grateful, as it allowed her to be secure and confident in herself and the path she chooses.

In this episode, Liv talks about feminine power: where it comes from and what it means for her. Liv knows that she is stronger than some men, and she has mastered defense techniques that could take down even stronger men. 

Being physically powerful affects your presence and the way you carry yourself in day-to-day life. It puts you in the mindset of being secure as a woman, ready on your feet, capable and in control instead of seeing yourself through a victim lens.

In our conversation with Liv, you might learn:

  • How to develop strength in yourself, both physically and mentally
  • The beauty of feminine power  
  • The importance of freedom and support from one’s family in order to build your own character instead of adopting the pattern of your parents or other family members
  • Importance of an open mindset
  • Joy of traveling and living abroad 
  • To go with the flow and embrace everything that life offers, including uncertainties
  • To be yourself and put yourself first as only then you are in the position to give to others

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Keep on Shining!



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