Ivan Martellato is at the age of not yet 30 years already an international renown specialist when it comes to nutrition and health. Born in Venezia, Italy, he holds two masters in health care, is a bodybuilder, Instagram influencer and currently living, traveling and working around the world. 

Ivan believes that no one else is responsible for a healthy lifestyle but yourself. 

In todays session with Ivan, we discuss the following inspiring topics:

  • Secret of bodybuilding and body shaping: genetic base, work out and stress management 
  • Different sources of stress: stress as a danger, cortisol production of body 
  • Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and its function 
  • Unhealthy influence of stress 
  • Eating as a holly moment during the day
  • Importance of focusing on how and what you are eating 
  • The predominance of the Pharmaceutical industry 
  • Unhealthy lifestyle of many health advisers, in particular that of classical doctors 
  • Why the pill medicine should be the last option for you when it comes to health issues 
  • Why prevention is the most important medicine 
  • How to find out about your quality of sleep and how to naturally wake up
  • Avoiding LED light before going to bed and why using red light might help you finding deep sleep, melatonin production
  • Best diner time is between 6-7pm as body has his own biological clock
  • Homosexuality 
  • Female part within men and masculine part within women
  • Limiting development of the mind and brain through classical education training in public schools
  • Finding the „real you“ within yourself as your path in life, finding your essence 
  • Real vocation in life
  • Influence of medication on well-being
  • Ying and Yang
  • To what extend his personal relationship has helped him to proceed with his path in life, how he met his girl-friend
  • What initiated him to start living internationally, leaving Italy and without a permanent home
  • Shadow work with own relationship partner and with whom we typically fall in love
  • After falling in love, you love. 
  • How to find the beauty within your partner so you can start loving
  • Why one can never possess a partner
  • Keeping secrets in a relationship
  • To what extend do we really know ourselves?
  • 5. Chakra importance to speak up
  • Awareness of our sexual desires and loving kindness
  • Creative side of the brain
  • Difference of sexual release between women and men 

I would love you checking out Ivans social media accounts if you would like to know more about our todays guest.

You can follow him on Instagram at @ivanmartellato and Ivan Martellato on YouTube.

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