Lea Schenk can be considered as one of the few women pioneers in Paris, France to have taken a brave stride to become an artist in the then male-dominated tattoo industry. And now being in this profession for 10 years, she is now a sought-after tattoo artist in Bali, Indonesia, continuing her life-long passion of imprinting her art on not just the skin, but within people’s hearts.

Having lost so much at such a young age of seven, Lea breaks off from her past and refuses it to hinder her from what she’s destined to be. In contrast, she even accepts the fact that her upbringing is what influenced her to be the artist that she is now.

Lea prides herself of being a self-made woman. She believes how her hard work molded her to become a talented artist and not the other way around.

In this inspiring session with Lea, we discussed about…

  • 1:40 The source of creativity and its representation
  • 6:30 Reflection of personal strength through her artwork
  • 8:38 Definition of female empowerment
  • 11:54 A recommendation to people who are interested in getting a tattoo
  • 14:00 How skin is distinct based on gender and cultural background
  • 18:10 The importance of the connection with clients
  • 19:40 Tattoo industry as old-fashioned
  • 22:29 How believing in something will make you fight for it more
  • 24:12 How our inner belief is the thing that hinders/pushes us 
  • 29:30 The key to reconnecting with your creativity
  • 31:30 Impact of Lea’s upbringing to her development
  • 37:14 An advice to her unborn daughter
  • 42:21 Self-sabotage as a form of self-hate
  • 47:23 How men are made to create

I would highly suggest checking out Lea Schenck’s socials if you wish to see more of her and her art.

You can follow her on Instagram at @leaschenk and @lea.schenk.tattoo, and Lea Schenk on YouTube.

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