#9 Why you should go for adventures in your life and maybe even get lost – with Sky-Marie Niblett, 13 years, book author, homeschooled

Sky-Marie (What a name!) is with just 13 years my youngest interview guest in my show so far! I was amazed by the deep layers of her personality, her wisdom and fresh spirit. But not only this: Sky-Marie already published her first book. 

I am wondering whether there is a special reason behind her energy and dynamic?

Sky-Marie and her younger brother Sunny are homeschooled. Right now, they are all living close to the Indonesian ocean, where they can watch the sunsets, with monkeys climbing up the trees and their surfboards next by. They are living a free and creative lifestyle far away from any urban area, barefoot most of the day and surrounded by same-minded friends.

In the conversation with Sky-Marie we speak about…

  • how to become a young author
  • what homeschooling means and its advantages
  • what power it brings to a family when having a strong centered mother  
  • that the best way to learn something you don’t like is by having fun
  • why getting lost during adventure time can be half of the fun
  • that a separation of parents does not necessarily need to led to a broken family life
  • how affirmations help you to overcome fear 
  • what it means to live a life in a foreign country
  • how to keep the level of curiosity high
  • the importance of self-compliments

I sincerely hope that the episode with Sky-Marie also inspires and empowers to embark on your own path, to learn and grow while not giving up whatever experiences may come in your life.

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Until next week, I truly appreciate you listening.

Keep on Shining



To learn more about Sky-Marie Niblett, feel free to look at her book: https://amzn.to/3tggshY

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