At my favorite hour, the blue hour, I met with German-Guatemalan artist and filmmaker Veronica Riedel in her penthouse. During tea and cake, I asked if she would spontaneously like to be interviewed as part of my podcast. To my great delight, she agreed.

Again, it was a special honor to be able to exchange ideas with such a creative, smooth, intelligent and empathetic person. Thank you so much, dear Veronica! 

During the hour of our conversation, our thoughts circled around the topic of “home” in particular. But not only that, we also talked about the following topics:

– Stories from the film business and art life

– Relation between men and women and their key differences

– Meaning of self love in life 

– Process of transformation from a loving mother/wife to a career in art and film 

– Feeling sensual within yourself 

– The role of post motherhood

– Expectation about life and how to manage them

– Balance of masculine and feminine energy

– Dreams, manifestation and surprises in life

– Humility, teaching and sisterhoods 

I am happy to share this podcast episode with you and welcome any feedback, suggestions and interview ideas. 

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Further information about Veronica Riedel:

IG: @veroriedelmentor @veroriedel

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