It happened on a balmy evening in Guatemala City. I was looking for a supermarket and met Will by coincidence in the streets, who kindly accompanied me all the way home to my friends place. Will is a young Guatemalan, full of hope and longing for a better life.

He is betting on the U.S., but at the same time he is realist enough to understand the limits of his imagination.

I was amazed by his mental strength: to make his way across the border of his own country on foot, without money, tickets or contacts in the USA, battered by heat, hunger and thirst, in search of a better life impressed me deeply.

The conversation with Will also showed me how strongly faith can move mountains. Will stands for me for what we can achieve in life if we only believe in it. We can’t achieve everything, because the final spark to success for me is called luck, chance or fate, but without any of these it becomes difficult.

Central and South America is permeated with a density of faith that shows how great the influence of the (European) church still is today. While we in Europe have empty pews, faith is still firmly anchored in everyday life there. At the same time, in my personal opinion, faith also means exercising power, keeping quiet and possibly also accepting difficult political and economic circumstances as “given by God”. 

In the search for a right life, there is no right answer.

I hope you enjoy this spontaneous audio recording.

Perhaps it can give you insights into a world that is hard to put yourself in.

I was touched by it and it still makes me think and reflect.

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