Live from a Guatemalan chicken bus

Spontaneous always works. True to this motto, I am today in conversation with Janelle Gueits from Florida. On the way back from Chi Chi Market in Guatemala, we talked in the Chicken Bus also about the following topics:

– Frequencies of colors

– Energy as a basic theme that connects us all

– Inner war reflects outer conflicts

– How to achieve inner peace 

– How the long way can be the more beautiful one

– The power of beautiful encounters 

– Monthly cramps, and still be in a good mood

– Caribbean way of smiling

– Displaced women and their challenges

– How to keep on shining the inner light 

– Non-profit engagement and the motivation

– Documentary film project on Cuba

– Florida as a country of its own within the USA

About Janelle Gueits:

Janelle Gueits is an energy-raising, modern-day renaissance lady passionate about moving humankind forward. As an agent of change, she works across fields as a serial impact entrepreneur, award-winning documentary film director, and guest speaker. Today, she is starting to publicly share her years of research to develop a universal energy system to help evolve human potential and freedom called FREEQUENCY. The aim is to upgrade human’s inner operating system and empower good decision-making in a fast moving world. Gueits has been featured in over 30 media outlets (VARIETY, NPR, and TIME).

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See you soon, Corinna-Rosa

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