I met charming Shaft Uddin in an Italian restaurant for another (spontaneous) episode of The Human Project Podcast. 

Shaft Uddin is a transformational facilitator, a tantric practitioner and the founder of the Sacred Sexual Awakening School. His viral videos have been viewed by more than 30 million people.

Our paths crossed by coincidence and I was immediately impressed by his appearance. 

During our conversation I also got to know his inner beauty. 

We talked about the following topics, among others: 

  • Life as a cosmic joke  
  • Ancient practices of Tantra and Yoga, (unfortunately) taught by mainly white man 
  • Health industry as a multibillion business
  • Life in a conscious community such as Portugal, Bali, Ibiza, Lake Atitlán
  • Living with various lovers 
  • Importance of dedicating time to women
  • „How to handle a vagina best?“ 
  • Power and pleasure of a yoni massage 

…and so much more!

Hope you enjoyed listening to us and hope you could take something out for yourself. 

Producing one episode (manufacture process) takes between 4-6 hours; it is my personal ambition to give some inspiration back that I luckily so often receive in life myself.  

Feel free to subscribe, link and share, so that this work can be leveraged.

I wish you all wings to fly.

Yours, Corinna

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See you soon, Corinna-Rosa

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