„Any challenge is manageable – with the right wine!“

My today’s guest is Isabelle Rüttiger, a courageous woman who moved with her family to Yerewan, the capital of Armenia where she has been working for the „Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit“ at the Yerevan Wine Academy to enhance the Armenian wine business for the global market.

While sitting on Isabelles’ Hollywood swing on her veranda overlooking the city, we spoke about:

  • The pleasure of vine
  • Losing jobs and what to make out of this situation 
  • Leaving Germany for a country that was unknown before 
  • Integration into a foreign culture with two young kids 
  • Being a mother who is financially responsible for the family 
  • Vine business in Armenia 
  • Hospitality 
  • Friends as bridge builders
  • Living an ex-pat life without being in an ex-pat bubble
  • How to become a enologist
  • Quality of Armenien vine
  • Rhine vine industry 

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