I met Eva in my hotel close to Lake Sevan in the mountain region of Armenia, the Yeghegis State Sanctuary. Eva is part of the Armenian diaspora, married to an Armenian and mother of a little daughter with whom they are both speaking Armenian. She has been traveling through Armenia with her family when we recorded our interview.

It might be useful to know that there are an estimated 1.5 million to 2 million Americans with Armenian heritage. Nowhere is Armenian influence more visible than in Glendale, California, a city of 200,000 near Los Angeles where 40% of the population is Armenian.

Eva is ending our talk singing „Hallelujah“. This was a very touching moment for me. 

Content of our conversation: 

  • How to maintain Armenian culture when living abroad
  • Armenian community life in the U.S.A.
  • Connection to American friends with different background 
  • Difference to U.S. culture 
  • Individualism 
  • Expectations in community life
  • Healthy and bad shame in life
  • Efforts from abroad to support Armenia 
  • Diaspora 
  • Current policial situation and feeling threatened as a country 
  • History repeating itself 
  • Importance of political awareness 
  • Being hold responsible 

Please apologize the bad sound of the recording. 

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