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Female empowerment and authenticity are at the heart of the Women Circle. It’s about being yourself. For the Women Circle to unleash its magic, it’s essential that you’re ready to show your true self to the other women, open up, and confide in them. This way, beautiful connections and healing can emerge.

Do you ever feel a strong desire to show your true self? Do you want to shed your roles, open up, and speak freely about everything that moves you? Are you longing for deeper connection, for a community of women who accept you unconditionally and simply listen? 

Then a Women Circle might be exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s nothing new for women to come together to exchange ideas and connect. Such ritual gatherings have been happening all over the world since ancient times and continue to this day.

While Women Circles have evolved over time, the essence of this community remains unchanged: listening to each other and supporting one another.

Today, Women Circles are considered safe spaces for women of all ages, regardless of background, religion, or orientation. Just as diverse as the participants are, so too are the Women Circles themselves.

Each Women Circle revolves around a defined theme. This theme is relevant to women, such as femininity, love, relationships, fears, grief, creativity, fulfillment, spirituality, cycles, sexuality, self-love, or similar topics. Depending on the theme, the Women Circle is structured to facilitate exchange, self-reflection, meditation, various rituals, movement, yoga, and much more.

Female empowerment and authenticity are at the heart of the Women Circle. It’s about being yourself. For the Women Circle to unleash its magic, it’s essential that you’re ready to show your true self to the other women, open up, and confide in them. This way, beautiful connections and peace can emerge.


I absolutely adore women’s circles because they’ve helped me grow, learn, and feel nourished. 

I’ve led various women’s circles around the world, and now it’s time for one in Munich.

If you feel called to join, please contact me.

We’ll meet twice a month in Schwabing.

Love always, Cocolina








Welcome, arrival, drop-in


Sharing circle, insights, witnessing

Free flow, integration, social time


New targeted topic for every circle.

The circle will be part embodied practices and part intentional sharing.

It is not crystallized though and will evolve organically.

I look forward to welcome you all.





Alkohol free / smoke free / substance free 


IG: @cocolina_kiss // @madebycocolina 




What are Women's Circle?

A Space Full of Power and Femininity:

In a world that often demands us to be faster, go further, and achieve more, Women Circles offer a magical space for all women – a place of femininity and peace, a sanctuary away from the demands of daily life.

Here, you can shed your roles, free from expectations, and simply be yourself, knowing that you are accepted just as you are. It’s a space where you’ll encounter beautiful experiences, where strangers quickly become sisters, listening to and uplifting one another.

There’s no room for comparison, envy, or jealousy in the Women Circle. Instead, it fosters sisterhood and deep connections, showing us that we are not alone in our worries, fears, and desires.

A Women Circle can be the beginning of a unique journey to discover yourself.

Why is it named a "Circle"?

In these Sharing sessions, a special kind of connection emerges. Essential to this is also the way in which women encounter each other – quite literally. In the Women Circle, participants sit in a circle, which symbolizes unity. In a circle, there is no room for hierarchies.

As a result, women meet each other on equal footing; the focus is on togetherness, on connecting with one another. Within this framework, participants can trust that they can open their hearts and share experiences without fear of judgment.

A shared meditation, body work, or group rituals typically conclude the Women Circle, making it a truly unique experience.

What means "Sharing"?

At the heart of a Women Circle lies the practice of Sharing, a unique form of exchange among participants: In Sharing, women can freely express all their emotions, speak openly about their lives and experiences, as well as about what matters to them and reveal all their fears, longings, and worries. Many women express themselves in this Sharing in ways they would never dare to in everyday life. And that can be quite liberating.

In a Women Circle, everything that occupies your mind can be spoken aloud. The other women in the Women Circle listen attentively—without prejudice or judgment, without interrupting, probing, or giving advice.

Every woman has the opportunity to share something about herself, but no one is obligated to do so. At first glance, it may seem uncomfortable and require some courage. However, once you’ve taken the leap and tried it, you’ll quickly realize how good it feels to simply talk without being interrupted, without someone immediately reacting, without having to justify yourself.

Who can participate?

A Women Circle is for anyone who is curious to explore the numerous facets of feminine power, who wants to get to know themselves better, and who seeks to connect with their feminine essence. Here, you connect not only with other women but, above all, with your own heart and have the opportunity to express your emotions.


Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg