#5 How to master drug addiction, break abusive pattern in life and continue to grow into a strong woman – with Anne Marie Kramer

“Put one foot in front of the other even if you don’t want to – just get up and move forward.” 

Anne Marie is a passionate woman, a hustler, a thriver, and a survivor. Even if she claims to still be in the process of becoming better, she is driven to always be the best version of herself. How is she doing this? By also breaking abusive patterns — which rooted from having a challenging parenting home as a child to getting married twice to an alcoholic in her early 20s. There was a time in her life, she even slept with her drug dealer to get easier access to drugs. But she strived, acknowledged her dark past and worked on herself which made her see the light. In her 30s, Anne Marie successfully founded three Yoga studios in California, remarried and became a mother of two in her 40s.

“The only way out is in and the only way out is through.”

In this conversation, you will learn:

✨How to break patterns in life

✨How to overcome addiction

✨How to have the confidence and strength in getting back up in life

✨How important a family’s impact is to your emotional and psychological health 

✨What impact can forgiveness do to you and those around you 

✨How to find your purpose and what is important in life for you

Some questions for you: 

  • How did your past affect you? 
  • Were you able to break patterns or are you still stuck in that cycle? 
  • How do you think you can make your life better? 

I hope this episode makes you more hopefully especially when you are at a low peak of your life. You can never change your past but you are not your past. You can always reinvent a better version of yourself today.

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