#15 Jakarta Airport: About self-growth, racism and xenophobia towards countries, the power of love, and gaining a fearless mindset that sets you apart – with Emma Pascal

Emma Pascal is a 23-year old Australian business founder who happens to be both Italian and African descent. She considers herself as an adventurous person who loves getting out of her comfort zone in many aspects — may it be for business ideas, traveling, or relationships. Emma and her partner has shared a happy relationship, growing together as a couple and as individuals. 

Being in an interracial relationship has been challenging especially with racism existing in the society and with racist remarks that disguised as words of concern. However, Emma does not allow people’s opinions to affect her life and her relationship. To simply put it, for Emma, relationships are meant for people who knows how to treat each other with respect. 

This outlook has brought so many opportunities beyond her personal relationship. Her fearless and courageous mindset has helped her do all the things she wanted to do at her young age, and she advises people to do the same. A steady path, concrete plans and ideal family life ─ she was able to attain all this with love, will and passion.

In this short yet beautiful session with Emma, we discussed about…

  • 2:12 Interracial relationships
  • 2:23 Xenophobic and racist remarks against people from developing countries
  • 4:21 Financial background differences in relationships
  • 5:28 Key to a happy relationship is not money
  • 7:09 Importance of communication in relationships
  • 8:04 Business built through passion
  • 9:00 The ideal family life
  • 11:26 Not letting others’ opinions affect own life decisions
  • 14:53 Finding the right balance and mindset
  • 15:25 Law of attraction 
  • 18:14 What to do first when you are traveling, especially when alone
  • 19:34 Having that drive and willingness to be more adventurous 
  • 21:20 Learning new culture and meeting new people in a different country

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