Coach for people who want to get back the authorship of their own life story.  
Better to become a leader for your own life than a follower of the lives of others.

„Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears“. 
Take a breath to ponder the statement. 



# Wish to feel the magic of life again?
# Feel demotivated, sad, exhausted, not loved? 
# How to escape from your daily comfort routine?
# Seek for more freedom and empowerment in your life?
# Do not want to be the slave of your emotions anymore?
# Want to increase your level from low vibe to high vibe?
# Need more inspiration, energy or activation in your life?
# Ready to look into your internal unconscious affirmations?
# Keen on taking ownership, speaking up and daring facing new challenges?


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Since 2008, I have been trained in the following disciplines:

# State approved „Heilpraktikerin for Psychotherapie“ 
# Family, personality parts & obstacle constellations 
# Art of sacred touch (Indian healing Massage)
# High Fly Yoga Teacher
# Color therapy 
# Energy work
# Kinesiology  
# Art therapy
# Reiki Work


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What I am not?

I am not perfect and I live my life to the best I can. Of course, I do also have my flows and you are surely better in certain areas than I am. All I can do is to offer you some hints and impulses so that you get back in your truth and your center.