What will I do for you

What will I do for you?

I help you master and optimize your life. I inspire you and help you to become the best version of yourself again. It is entirely within your power to determine how you think and talk about your problems. They might hold us down but I will train you so that you can see how they lift you up. Becoming mature also means for me to be able to surf on the waves of our emotions. They will always be there but we can train our mind to master our shadows instead of being their slave.  I help you to create your own reality in your mind as outside events hold no power over us at all. The success of our interaction is depending on your willingness to consider that your life is the way it is, not because of the weight of your circumstances or situation, but rather the weight of your own perception of your experiences. Scientists have discovered that our thoughts can actually change the physical structure of our brain. It is called „neuroplasticity“. Our brain is constantly arranging and then rearranging neural pathways what control our thinking as well our behavior while we go through life and experience and learn new things. An amazing lifelong journey on which I can support you.

Why I coach?

Because I care and because I see unlimited potential in every human being. I strongly believe that every single person on this planet has the ability to create happiness and a totally fulfilling existence. Any obstacle is a lovely opportunity to grow stronger and wiser. It is only through life challenges that your inner magical spirit comes alive and your new powers are revealed. Sometimes, we are all captured by our tunnel vision not allowing us to see alternative solutions and paths. I know from my own experiences how helpful external impulses can be to open up again and be able to reframe the current mind setting. I believe in coaching as it is a sign of self-care that allows me to adjust the inner monologue if required.

My working assumption I – our inner monologue:

Whether you are introverted or extroverted, creative or practical, you spend huge swathes of your time talking to … you. Yes, you. You do it while you are eating, working, jogging, texting, crying, laughing – you name it. And I would like to add that you do it even when you are sleeping. Studies show that we have over 50.000 thoughts per day. Crazy, right? The latest neuroscience and psychology underlies that the kind of talk you are having with yourself has a profound impact on the quality of your life. Actually, the connection between what we say and how we feel has been known for hundreds if not thousands of years. Studies have continually found that positive self-talk can dramatically improve the mood whereas negative self-talk cannot only put us in a bad mood but can us even provide with the feeling of helplessness. I do not suggest to suddenly take on faked positive thinking or personal affirmations (although it might be helpful from time to time). I aim for an authentic inner story that reflects your personal truth. I, personally, found that how we think and talk about our experiences shifts the way we feel about them. To keep it short: our thoughts are the best friends of our emotions and they need a check-up from time to time. Coaching is their perfect fit.

My working assumption II – our unconscious affirmations:

We have so much ongoing in our subconscious, that it is so deep internalized that it change(d) our thoughts and our behavior. Our subconscious is responsible for 95% of our daily actions. It was and maybe still is nourished by the patterns our family of origin have been following since decades as well as all the personal experiences we have gained so far in life. It is tricky to get hold of the subconscious but there are ways to say hello and ask what exactly is going on. Our subconscious is interacting with us in real everyday terms. It influences how we speak to our own „I“, how we interact with others, how we love and in particular how we react when one of our triggering points is pushed as e.g. how we feel when we were hurt. Better not to ignore our subconscious program. It represents a large part of what our personality consists of. During my coaching sessions, we can check into your unconsciousness.