I believe that our hearts get broken in life so that they can become soft and able to love.

Welcome to „The Human Project“. Your podcast for inspiring stories.

Your life is full of complexity, contradiction and mystery, but at the same time rich with experiences of every color: the joyful as well as the challenging ones. You carry your personal life story, which already helped you to become the person you are today. And still, the journey to become „the best version of yourself“ is ongoing: Maybe you are in the middle of a challenging period asking yourself: „What is life all about?“, you feel a change close by but are hesitant to fly or are having dreams that are still waiting to be lived?

I believe that our hearts need different life experiences as they teach us to learn to love. With every experience we make, we can choose love or fall into fear and suffering. Even if you have not decided for love yesterday, you can still do so today.

What can you expect from the podcast

This podcast is about authentic conversations with mixed martial arts fighters, pilots, millionaires, waiters, teachers, CEOs, leaders, refugees, musicians, artists, Tantra experts, founders and many other fascinating personalities. In this podcast, my guests will share their inspiring life stories with you. They will go beyond the ordinary and open up parts of their soul for you.

I have selected my guests not on fame or wealth, but rather on their dedication to empathy, connection, resonance and mind-set.

My intention for you is to expand your idea of what is possible in life, to feel empowered and to continue your journey outside the known. I want you to live the idea that all experiences in life are valuable, its upsides as well as the downsides, and that they are all worth being lived. Above all, I want you to feel the appetite for more the risk and less comfort in life. There is so much more in you and this is exactly your superpower.

I have recorded most of the conversations in cafes, fitness studios, at the beach or on the sofa.

Who am I?

I am Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg, a Munich (Germany) based creator, lawyer and artist.

Already when I was a child, I have observed, communicated and enjoyed my surroundings with a special charm of awareness and openness. Since then, I have visited over 70 countries. The deep layers of life have always fascinated me. I am keen on understanding and analyzing the variety of beautiful answers to both crucial and less crucial questions of life, and I am convinced that one can never stop learning. I strongly believe that complex situations often require creative solutions, being it while exploring the world traveling or when working on professional projects. Along the way, I have learned that life is a struggle for many of us. To show how different life can be, depending on the society and community we are living in is the major driver for my work. This led me to found the non-profit initiative ‘Stella Enabling Education’ (www.stella-enabling-education.org).

When I was ten years old, my grandfather presented me with a camera. Since then, the camera became one of my closest companions next to my drawing pens and notebooks. As much as I enjoy the outgoing part of my personality, I enjoy calm moments by myself when I am painting, drawing, writing, and digesting my experiences in peace.

I am not perfect and I live my life the best I can. Of course, I do also have my flaws and you are surely better in many areas than I am. One might be your English skills. All I can do is to offer you some inspiration and maybe even joy.