#33 Opera & spirituality: Connecting to the animal within us – live at a river bank with professional Opera singer Anthony Pinkerton

It happened early one evening, just before sunset. Down at the riverbank adjacent to the tropical Jungle, I spotted a bearded gentleman doing situps with a heavy log on his shoulders. A picture for G ods. We got into a conversation that interweaves the topics of opera, sexuality, and spirituality.

Anthony Pinkerton born 1999 in Orlando, Florida (USA), has been spending four years studying voice performance at a world class conservatory of music, Westminster Choir College. During his time in conservatory, his voice teacher was also a yoga teacher, encouraging him to bridge the gap between singing and spirituality. Since graduating in ‘21, he quit his jobs, put his New Jersey apartment up for rent, and booked a one way flight ticket to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. It is here where he took a deep dive into the practice of yoga. Since then, he teaches yoga seven days a week and offers holistic healing practices.

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More info about Anthony: @yoganthony

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