My work encapsulates a colorful and intensive confrontation with the present, while underscoring my special curiosity for the “here” and “now”.

Since I was a child, I have observed, communicated and enjoyed my surroundings with a special charm of awareness and openness. Since then, I have been visited over 70 countries. The deep layers of life have always fascinated me. I am keen on understanding and analyzing the variety of beautiful answers to crucial and less crucial questions of life, and am convinced that one can never stop learning. I strongly believe that complex situations often requires creative solutions, being it while exploring the world traveling or when working on professional projects. Along the way, I have learned that life is a struggle for many of us. To show how different life can be, depending on the society and community we are living in, is the major driver for my work. This led me also to found the non-profit initiative ‘Stella Enabling Education’ ( This pro bono work crowns my personal value scheme of life.

When I was ten years old, my grandfather presented me with a camera. Since then, the camera became one of my best companions next to my drawing pens and note books. As much as I enjoy the outgoing part of my personality, I enjoy calm moments by myself when I am painting, drawing or writing, and digesting my experiences in peace.

I am not perfect and I live my life the best I can. Of course, I do also have my flaws and you are surely better in certain areas than I am. All I can do is to offer you some inspiration and maybe even joy.

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# Freedom!
# Nature at its best like a storm at the beach, standing at the top of a high mountain, look into the width of a valley 
# I do not have children but I care about them, see also
# The beauty I see in the eyes of every single human being
# Inspire other people
# Vegan dishes cooked with time & love
# Get my pen and write down my thoughts
# Just be and listen to the surrounding
# Short encounters with strangers who tell me a part of their life story
# Riding my bicycle  
# Sensual experiences
# Productivity
# The way I live my life


# The deep faith of the mass Hindu pilgrimage Kumbh Mela
# The most amazing insects in the Gurung Mulu National Parc on Borneo
# The beauty to turn 18 years old at Marigot Bay, St. Lucia, with our little sailing boat being fixed at a coconut tree 
# The preparation of a lovely breakfast when it is still dark while staying with rice farmers on the Philippines 
# The craziest party on earth at Burning Man
# The immersion into the magic of my beloved Bali
# The up-lifting helicopter flight around the Cristo Redentor statue in Rio during sunset
# The intense vibes of Jerusalem 
# The fresh greenish of the Simien National Parc in Ethiopia
# The regular eruptions of Stromboli while lying in bed during night  
# The calm look of my first wild giraffe in Kenia who surprisingly showed up from the trees above 
# The sensual tango swing in Buenos Aires
# The silent permanence of my family house in a little Bavarian village 
… and much more! 


# Martel: Life of Pi
# Goethe: Faust
# Hesse: Siddhartha
# Benoite Groult: Sel sur notre Peau
# Axel Hacke: Anstand in schwierigen Zeiten
# Harari: Homo Sapiens
# Adiga: White Tiger
# Thich Nhat Hanh: Anger
# Osho: Book of Women
# Rubin: Machiavelli for Women
# Huntington: Clash of Civilizations
# Covey: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People


# Free butterfly who enjoys coming back to its flower bed

Analytical | Curious | Inspirational | True | Dedicated | Creative | Determined


Gallery “Im Raum” in Munich (2009 & 2013), “Art Happening im Lovelace” in Munich (2018), Parisbar “Serendipity” in Munich (2018), UNESCO, private collectors, documentary work as well as personal character studies and commission work.

« She is a curious women, it is probably this, her finest quality and the one that structured her life and influenced the choices she made «

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