About the series “Energy”

Here are some thoughts about the series „Energy“…

What is your purpose of the series?

For me the series Energy captures one of my most dynamic works. I spent time on Bali and came back totally energized. It is said that Bali is the island of temples … but actually it is so much more. It cleared my mind, as I have never experienced a travel before. Maybe I went to Bali at the right time of my life. Who knows, right? When coming back to Germany, I started with the series Energy. My intention was to invite the viewer to let himself flow into the painting. To just watch the painting. To observe what it evocates within him. All the paintings are consisting of a technique of light reflections so that they look different depending from the ankle of the viewer and depending from the light incidence. One person can stand on the left side, the other one of the right side and they view a different painting which is still, nonetheless, the same. Maybe the viewer can feel nothing while watching the painting. But maybe the energy of the painting can slop over, enter into the viewer, and start a little journey. This would be nice!

Which material did you use?

The paintings are painted either on canvas or on wood plates I found as rest stock in building supply stores. For some of the paintings I needed several months as e.g. different color layers were required. In some of the paintings I worked in personal items from my time as a student in Paris as e.g. love postcards or stones I have collected. As far as colors are concerned, I have worked with a huge variety of different drawing materials as charcoal, oil colors, acryl, glamour powder and much more.

Why is the series called “Energy”?

We are not more, not less than “just” energy. Energy is the core of our existence. Not just of us human but of every living being. Including animals, plants and trees of course. Further, the relationships we have to each other, towards our family & friends, our neighbors, our environment are also “just” based on energy. Energy is one of the most powerful forces in universe. I think it is important that energy can freely flow, within us and in the outer world. And that it is from a positive quality. That we can connect with each other. With the series Energy, I would like to contribute to this tendency of awareness. Each painting is telling one special story for each viewer. A unique story. If the viewer is ready, the paintings might even talk …

More paintings & drawing, also other series, available. Feel free to contact me for further information (price, delivery etc.)