Dance is the most ancient way to express what’s going on inside of us. Jelena Devi does not even need to dance to demonstrate how beautiful it is to be oozing with passion, inner fire and emotions when moving. The playful moves of her hips and shoulders, the expressions of her face, are totally in the flow of life and express confidence. She doesn’t care who is there to watch and judge. It is is impressive and it is obvious that Jelena is comfortable and deeply connected to her feminine energy.

“Dance is the language of the soul!”

In this episode, Jelena will take us into her journey of self-expression through dance. Jelena is a Tantra expert, dance teacher and full of positive vibes. In today’s conversation, she outlines why it is sometimes better to dance instead of walk through life. We also discuss how she overcame the challenging relationship with her mother and how you can further blossom into an empowered woman who is anchored in your femininity.

In this conversation with Jelena, you will learn…
✨… the importance of exploring your femininity
✨… to honor and love your physical body as a channel of your essence
✨… how you can connect with others in a liberated yet mindful way
✨… how you can separate between sexuality and sensuality
✨… how you can claim your boundaries and desires confidently, while making peace with rejections and uncertainty
✨… the power of dance in connecting people together, uplifting and celebrating each other consciously

I hope you can take a lot away from our conversation! I am already looking forward to hearing your insights and thoughts on this episode.

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Keep on Shining!

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