#4 How to combine Business with Passion – With Dino Magnatta


#4 How to combine Business with Passion - With Dino Magnatta

#4 How to combine Business with Passion - With Dino Magnatta
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How to combine Business with Passion – With Dino Magnatta

Living a sustainable lifestyle makes us crave for what’s not seen in the city. We’d rather be with beautiful pieces of nature. It gives us a different feeling of tranquility and relaxation that allows us to be ourselves. From Dino’s home town in Canada to Indonesia, he had this vision of living outdoors – being together with nature and now with the sustainable projects he has designed, he got to share this beautiful and soulful space with everyone else.

“My home is a complex and artistic architectural design that flows very well with the nature that surrounds it – it is very important to create that synergy.”

In this episode, Dino, an accomplished multi business founder, CEO, food lover, and passionate Yogi shares with us what is required to live in a beautiful and sustainably designed Bamboo House. He talks about how it was built and what creative concept he was following. In this episode, we also talk about his life back home in Canada and his family where he describes how strong the influence of his parents was on his own personal development, why long-distance relationships might be challenging, and what got him started with this sustainable and incredible life journey. 

In this conversation with Dino, you will learn…

✨… the importance of being close to nature and living a sustainable lifestyle

✨… the significance of having a comfortable space and good spiritual energy

✨… how to connect architectural designs with nature 

✨… what materials should be used for architecture that are sustainable

✨… the influence of a mother in being strong and independent 

✨… the importance of family bonds and to what extent they can be a steady pillar in your life

There’s a lot to be taken away in today’s conversation, including spreading environmental awareness and unlock the beautiful life that is sustainable. 

I’d love to hear your personal insights and thoughts on this episode! 

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If you want to learn more about Dino Magnatta and the Bamboo House, you can check out his Instagram @dmagnatta or Ulaman Eco Retreat @UlamanBali


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