BACK IN TIME: When I took this picture in Havanna, I suddenly felt like being back in time. One part of my family was living behind the iron curtain before it finally felt down and melted away in 1989. As a child, I remember how tiring it was to reach Leipzig passing the border, feeling the bumpy roads and being on a street with literally only two different types of cars. We always tried to smuggle some German Marks in. How cool my parents were 🙂 As a present we had jeans trousers, chocolate bars, chewing gums and, for my second cousin, I had the latest „Bravo“ in my pocket. With Michael Jackson in life-size. As a little girl, I asked my mom why I cannot have a banana neglecting the fact that bananas don’t grow in chilly Germany but were imported. She answered that the DDR is not friends with so many countries that possess banana trees, so they barely can import them. But not having bananas is negligible. Being somewhere were it is forbidden to leave, to move, to see the world, yeah – to feel freedom, was and still is a totally weird concept for me. What went wrong there? How to limit the right to freely move? I think, this experience deeply marked me and was one reason why I became a lawyer. Today, I learnt that this is the world. No iron curtain needed. The wrong passport is sufficient.