SHOPPING MENTALITY: Tokyo is crazy. An amazing place. And so many products not known in Europe. Like a parasol holder for the bike. How practical (….and I bought it)! Consumption and options everywhere. While it is great to possess the flexibility to see chances, to be proactive rather than reactive and to be open about possibilities, it can sometimes happen that „more is less“. The benefits of „less“ are that too many options plunges us into a state sometimes called „shopping mentality“. In a famous experiment at the Columbia University, costumers at a grocery store decided what jam to buy. Of those who had a choice of 24 jams, only 3% ended up purchasing, while of those who had a choice of 6 jams a full 30% bought. The point is that with a profusion of options, we might suffer from mental overload and get lost. Often, we then get anxious about getting confused. And we fear to „miss out“ something. Disaster! hahaha 🙂 Maybe our real challenge sometimes is not how to expand possibilities but how to limit them? Because only when we reach an equilibrium of option and strong mind we can think clearly enough to make good judgment calls? Even more important when it comes to major decisions that have a much greater impact on our life than to answer which shirt to buy next.