PATIENCE: I captured this man close to the Thar Desert who forms a natural boundary between India and Pakistan … blablabla … I travelled almost 24 hours to get there by using the train. I was sleeping on my seat, playing chess and eating what my Indian fellow travelers warmly wanted to share with me (they insisted despite there were vendors walking the corridors up and down). When looking around, I saw no other Western traveler. Our compartment was not acclimatized and only a small fresh breeze could reach us through the few window rectangles. The Indian sun was burning. The train stopped from time to time. Sometimes in the middle of nowhere, sometimes at a train station. New people entered, others left. And sometimes, the train stopped without a clear reason and without any sign when we could or would continue our route. I remember how impressed I was by the behavior of the Indian passengers: They remained quiet and calm without any exemption. How right they are. To give a f*** for something, we cannot influence is simply lost energy (on this note, there might be situations where it is challenging to correctly differentiate between what can I change, what do I need to accept though). I joined their mental mood and asked my neighbor follower for another round of chess.