NATURE IS GROUNDING 🐘 I just watched a documentary how a herd of elephants is protecting the newborn baby elephant 🐘. How caring and full of emotions. Full of emotions as is a lobster when he is thrown in a pot of hot water before being served for diner.

How far are we already away from being connected to β€œreal” life, mainly the one in nature ? And what does β€œreal” actually mean these days ? For some of us, virtual reality is already one reality. I did not grow up with smartphones & Co but lived in a small village close to the mountains, was riding horses, caressing cows and building huts with the boys in the wood, playing hockey in the streets with them. Only when I moved to a big city, to study, work and be culturally and intellectually differently inspired, I started to value the easiness and naturalness of my childhood on the countryside. A little blessing for which I am very thankful today πŸ™ Nature is grounding πŸ™ Happy Monday πŸ™