“Give. Connect. Inspire.“

This quote from Aren aka @ink_pray_love reflects his todays personality. Aren has founded the Karma House Bali, Conscious Arts Tattoos, Full Reset Coaching, and is one of the co-founders of YogiLab.

But Aren has started at a different point in his life: He was born part of the middle-class, his father being a TV cable installer and his mom working as a community librarian. When he was younger he dreamt about becoming rich. He wanted to possess fancy cars, beautiful women and shiny brands. One way to reach this target was for him to become a key figure in organizational crime in Vancouver, Canada – the city he grew up. He was recruited in a drug-dealing gang and was consuming money and women as he was addicted to drugs, power, and sex. 

“All the people around me, there was a lot of violence, a lot of drug overdoses, just, there’s a lot of that happening. And so I was in desperation — I needed to make a shift and change my life.” 

The material things brought Aran so much pride and validation that he believed for a while they could buy him happiness too. But at the end they were just a way to mask his emotions. Aren realized that he was unable to form connections with people on a deeper level. More so, Aren feared that he would end up dead or in jail if he stays in the same toxic environment. 

“Shiny things get old pretty fast and it’s not going to feel good after a while. But if you have something that is bigger than you that connects and helps people, it’s actually gonna make a bigger impact.” 

By coincidence, he came across a yoga studio in downtown Vancouver and started to practice Yoga – often while still being high on drugs at the same time. With this experience, a huge transformation and identity shift has started. Inspired by the film “Eat, Pray, Love”, Aren went to Ubud, a mountain village in Bali, to deepen his yoga and meditation experience. He learned about the concept of “Karma,” applied it to his life and realized that he finally wanted to become someone his parents could be proud of.

“It’s never too late to turn your personal story into one of success and compassion. You can start today, and make a difference in more lives than just your own. ”

In our conversation, we are speaking about the following subjects:

  • Organizational crime in Vancouver
  • Consumption of women
  • Sex, power and money addition and living a sex-responsible life
  • Deep connection with other people
  • Superficiality of luxury and other wealthy goods
  • Martial arts and the power of willpower 
  • ADHD and how to expand attention span
  • How movies can have an impact on your own life, in Aren’s case it was the movie, Eat Pray, and Love.
  • Entrepreneur lifestyle and serial founder
  • The importance about being emotionally invested in what you do
  • Visions in life and on the world
  • Protection of children, in particular when it comes to children trafficking  
  • Charity projects

“Find something that you would feel passionate about doing. Be it in any way, shape, or form, then make it bigger than you.”

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