A friend of mine called the director of the Giorgi Leonidze State Museum of Georgian Literature during my stay in Tiflis. He said there is a German woman running a podcast. Lashas reply was: „She should come at 1pm today.“

So there I was, entering the impressive entry of the museum in which Lashas’ assistances guided me tho his office at the end of a long corridor.

Dr. Lasha Bakradze was born in 1965 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He studied German literature and linguistics at the Tbilisi State University. Later on he pursued scientific activities in German studies in Jena, theology in Bern University, and political science at the Potsdam University. Lasha worked on his dissertation in modern and contemporary history at the Humboldt University of Berlin, and received his doctoral degree from the Tbilisi State University in 2002.

His working experience includes wide range of institutions with variety of profiles. Lasha worked as a cultural and scientific program-referent at the Goethe Institute in Tbilisi. He covered international relations issues at the Rustavi 2 TV company. And he headed the film preservation and archive department of the Georgian National Film Center. Meanwhile Lasha was actively involved in academic life. He taught at various universities in Georgia.

In case you are in Tiflis, you might want to stop by at the Giorgi Leonidze State Museum of Georgian Literature. You can find it at 8, Chanturia street, 0108 Tbilisi, Georgia.

Thank you for joining us today!

Keep on Shining Yours, Corinna-Rosa

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