She is a curious woman. That is probably her most outstanding characteristic

Here some notes about the woman behind the pictures and paintings…

Where is your source of inspiration coming from?

Ever since I was little, I have enjoyed observing my surroundings. There is always a lot going on: perfumes, colors, movements … It’s best to stand still and just watch, listen, feel, taste, smell. Sometimes it is easier to close my eyes and listen to my other senses. Funny, but no matter where you are – in a packed subway, in a busy office or on the top of the mountain – you will experience the deep layers of life.

Where do you paint?

I am still dreaming of a little studio out in the nature. Quiet. Calm. With a well-worn wooden floor and large white lattice windows. A little garden with flowers that change with the seasons. Until this comes in, I paint when visiting my mom who is still living in the house I used to live as a girl with my brothers. The preferred spot there out in the garden under the old apple tree with my beloved colors, the oil paints. Actually, reality is not so far from my atelier dream.

How did you get into photography?

To capture my daily adventures, I have started to record with my camera what I see.

Ever since I received my first photo camera from my grandpa at the age of nine, I use pictures as a base to fresh up my memory, to be reminded of beautiful events in life, lovely encounters with family & friends, as a drawing & painting base. Some of my friends saw what I did behind the camera. They suggested I put them on display.

What does photography mean to you?

I learned through photography about the capriciousness of the world. And this was not an easy lesson. I am no exception to the general tendency to conserve what we have, in particular when we feel comfortable. We are resistant to change. Photography serves this purpose. But: life is changing so much. Each moment. One moment is different to the next one. As is our personality, our environment, our relationships. You cannot conserve. Never. But pictures invoke permanency in life and nourish one of our major desires. And still, when you accept that life is a journey, the ride is a wonderful one.

 What is your favorite subject?

People. Always. People are unique. We are all unique. And in the faces of people you learn so much about the lovely character of the person. You can see through the expression of the face deep into the soul. And each expression of the face is unique. It is there only at this very moment. Showing us again that life is changing each second. Change is the only constant in life.

How do you know you are balanced, in your center?

When I find the inner calm to draw, paint and write. Ever since I was little, I have never left home without pens and a notebook.

Latest exhibitions: Gallery “Im Raum” (2011, 2013)/ Munich