Corinnas’ work encapsulates a colorful as well as intensive confrontation with the present. Her work tributes to her special curiosity for the “here” and “now”.

Since she was little, she has been observing, communicating and enjoying her surroundings with a special charm of awareness and openness. The deep layers of life have always fascinated her. She is increasingly keen on understanding the variety of beautiful answers to the crucial and also less crucial philosophical questions of life. She is also convinced that one can never finish learning– also not in regard to the various philosophical approaches of life. Traveling, exploring the world, as well as implementing creative solutions for complex matters with an ideally fresh and keen mind, play an important part of her life. During her numerous travels she also learned that life is a struggle for many of us. This led her to found the non-profit initiative ‘Stella Enabling Education’ ( With this work she supports the underprivileged to develop their personal and intellectual strengths further, in order to live a self-determined life one day. This pro bono work completes her personal value scheme of life.

Her grandfather presented Corinna with a camera when she was ten years old. Since then, the camera became one of her best companions. As much as she enjoys the outgoing part of her personality, which is also required for her work with the camera, she enjoys the calm moments with herself when she is painting, drawing and digesting her experiences in silence.